What would you do if your job ducked up your check?

I spoke to one of my boss today and told him my check is wrong. he's swears it not yet I have 7 hours got the last week yet I worked for 2 days. which each day was a 7 hour shift so how do I have 7 hours of pay on my check? when I worked 5-12am sometimes even 1am. I work 2 times a week bI weekly pay 7 did miss 2 days only because I was sent him once and called out sick 1 day. I work with my sister and a few other friends everyone nows I worked last week. it's on the schedule and should be on the machine... yet they won't check. I never keep my pay stubs because I never had this problem before and there is no reason for this bs. I should have almost 15 hours n my check so now my 2rd job taking my hours wtf.


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  • there should be proof of the time you have worked like from clocking in. they won't check until you MAKE them. call headquarters, or whoever does payroll, contact them and send an email so itll be in writing. tell them the hours youve worked and the discrepancy. theyll fix it but you cnat just let it go

    • I was gonna call payroll Tm I didn't even cash the check yet. but I had plans for this money. gonna try speaking to my boss agin because their is a schedule that shows how many hours I work and it should be there. am missing 1 day lay 7 hours

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  • That's happened to me before and I complained to the payroll dept. If they can't help you then escalate it further.

    • Even through it's only 7 hours am not getting paid for.. how can 7 even truest working for these people now? I haven't even cashed my check yet because I know it's wrong.8 Nirmal have 28 hours during pay day but was sick so ended up with only 15 hours. they just Called me into work now but why should I even work when they ducked up my check. I'll try payroll if not I have the head head guys phone number who owns the story. it's only $60 but I work hard for that money

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    • Yep, they're a bunch of lying, greedy, and conniving sumbags :(

    • Really are and I just lost my check today so am fucked

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