I wish I wasn't plain and ugly looking because I really dont have any talent im not good academically just an average c student and boring shy?

so i avoid people because im afraid that they will judge me as dumb and boring which i am but i just dont want people to think that way of me like who would it just sucks. furthermore I avoid relationships because im afraid of falling in love or meeting someone who is a psychopath or selfish and that is able to take advantage of my insecurities. when I was a kid i thought that all my insecurities would go away as soon as I become an adult but i hit my adult age and nothing has changed. Im sorry for wasting awesome smart people time if you read all of it cause there is no opinion to be told and im too dumb to write a descent paragraph. Im just going through thoughts of my lame life.
Have a nice day beautiful people you dont know how lucky you are 😊


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  • Insecurities go away by facing them, not wishing or ignoring them. You have to face your fears, not avoid them.

  • Every one is different. Just talk more! I'm sure you're not that boring


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