How Do Young People Do It?

This is sort of a funny question... because I am 22 (still live with my parents, finished college, employed and paying student loans).

HOWEVER... this is a serious question. For people in my age group (~20-25)... I have seen the following:

-They have kids
-They have pets
-They have a car + various car repairs
-They are in school
-They have rent + various bills
-They have student loans

YET... I always see these people in my age group always going out, traveling to different countries, partying, and just living life. How do they have enough money to still enjoy life?

Even though I have a good job and live with my parents, it is still a struggle for me to keep my money afloat at times... and I don't even go out too much. And yes... I do budget. I put money towards my student loans, my bills and my retirement.

And I also know this girl, she is 23, a teacher... and she has her own house and a new 2014 car! How the hell?


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  • I have no idea! I feel the same. I'm 20 I get paid pretty good I work overtime pretty much every week, I still live with my parents too I'm going to be moving out in a month or so. But yeah pretty much every girl I graduated with is pregnant buying a new house and new car and going on vacations to disney world and stuff.

    It took me like two years just to afford a used old car and it's been taking me a year and a half just to save up money to move out. I don't understand how these people can afford it. I literally had two friends that moved house twice in a year.

    I think that most of the people our age that can do this probably gets money from relatives. That's the only thing I can think of. If I need money my parents would give me it but I like to be as independent as possible so I make sure I only do what I can afford. Where as I feel like most younger people still feel like it's their parents responsibility to support and pay for their needs.

    • OMG. YES. YES. YES! This is what I'm seeing too!

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    • LOL... Are you reading my mind:

      "Do you not like spending money? Like I can afford to go run off a blow a 100 at the mall or whatever but I don't want to because I feel like I'm wasting my money."

      I hate spending money. However... I just basically blew through my entire paycheck this week trying to buy furniture/appliances since I am planning on moving out in 5 months. I have 5K right now...

    • Well I guess I should mention that I work as a psychic haha kidding.

      I was just wondering because that's how I am with my money. I wouldn't really say that you blew that check because you're going to need those things. You wanna hook a girl up, what's your savings account number? Haha.

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  • Pawning, pay-day loans, racking up huge debt. Stuff like that. Basically, they're having fun right now, but it's going to come back and bite them BIG time sooner or later.


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  • Their parents have money, they're carrying more debt, or they have a much better job than you.

    • all great responses and i'd add another option... they aren't really saving money away

  • they're probably thousands in debt with no plan to pay it off, you see the positive things in their lives but they have a ton of negatives too. keep paying your loans and living with your parents isn't bad. living alone can be rlly lonely.

  • Wise spending/saving/budgeting combined with a nice income.

    As a teenager with an extremely menial, entry-level, PART TIME job, I must say that when I was working over 30 hours a week I had enough money to do quite a lot. With proper budgeting, I could pay a small amount of rent to my parents, keep the gas tank in the car full, pay bills, and put large amounts in savings (enough to help with car repairs and other stuff), with enough money left over to blow on fast food and going out as MUCH as I wanted. All with some crappy part time job. Now that I've reduced my work hours money is definitely tighter, but I still get to enjoy myself.

  • Quick question... what did you major in?

    • A little about me:

      Major - Media Studies

      Graduated - 2015

      Current Job: Jr Project Manager For A Tech Firm

      Salary: $35,000 starting and will increase to $40,000 after I pass my cert. test

      Loan debt: $5,000 (It was $22,000... but I paid a majority of it off).

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  • If they are a couple and they're both working, they can pull in a 6 figure income with decent jobs. It's very hard for a singleton to get those things alone.

    • However... I see single parents with all those things items I listed above pull this off. Kids, pets, school, bills, etc, etc, etc

    • Then they're in debt, up to their neck. Me and the girlfriend do ok after buying our house, we don't want for much - but alone i would have to be taking out many loans and struggling just to pay back the interest to live our life.

  • Millennial generation doesn't save and invest like we should be

  • What I learned is that a lot of people are still financially dependant on their parents even after college.

    • Then what's the point of moving out if you have to keep asking mom and dad for money?

    • Well, they might not have to ask.
      For example, insurance, phone bills, etc might still be paid for.

      Or they might be in huge debt and are making poor financial choices