How do you quit with things?

Do you do anything symbolic (like a ritual or anything) to quit with things with were important to you?


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  • I cut a few good inches off my hair when i dumped my emotionally abusive boyfriend (he never wanted me to change ANYTHING, especially my hair). Felt good, like i was directly doing it to spite him, AND i got a new hairstyle i had been dying to try. Symbolically it said "up yours you piece of shit"

    • In this case i have to ask: Does cutting the hair thus indicate such a change in a girl's life?

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    • well sometimes we are just curious and want to try new things. i know when i go off to college ill probably have a new hair color every month (im not allowed to dye my hair, dad has a stupid thing about hair). I suppose she could be going through something. but she could also be trying to find a style she likes. Hair changes dont always come with other changes, but it can. The only way to find out is probably to ask her

    • She's actually too shy to talk to guys, she can only do that drunk.

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  • Easy just stop!


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