Selling embrodiery head phones for how much?

I was thinking $5 since it took forever me to do them and its long lasting?


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  • How much did the headphones cost? how much did all the embroidery material cost? how long did you put into it? these are all factors that you need to think about you don't want to barely make profit and at $5 it sounds like you'll be making barely any.

    here's a pricing guide on how to price products hope this helps

    here's a article on profit margins you should be aiming for

    also look at other products to see what's about right.

    • also this is handmade and a small scale thing so people expect the profit margins to be higher as you aren't as efficient as a large scale business and can't get the cheap resources so it's ok if there's a slight premium.

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    • To be honest it could be I buy cheap shit headphones if I was gonna buy them it'd be off eBay not for retail price it's gonna be real tough to impossible to be able to sell them for above the high retail price and then make profit.

    • You never know it could be possible :)

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  • If it's handmade and lasts long then $5 is selling your product short
    If I embroidered headphones I'd charge at least $20

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