Who wins in a fight: The Amazing Spider-Man vs Gothams dark knight?

Oh yeah, this is gonna be good😈

Let's star with batman. Billionaire vigilante Bruce Wayne is arguably the most incredible superhero imagined who is actually still a human being. His insane belt of gadgets along with having mastered several forms of martial arts and stealth tactics means he can strike from the shadows and adapt to almost any situation.

his body armor protects him from most attacks, but it's not impenetrable and he's certainly not invincible either (images of some bane backbreaking)

however, batman has literally beat captain America in unarmed combat and is feared by every member of the Justice league except superman.

now on to Spider-Man. A nerdy scientist gets bitten by a radioactive spider ends up with superpowers, you think he'd have better dance moves. (Sighs for Toby😒)

in any case, calling spider man a ninja would be an understatement times a thousand. He can climb and stick to virtually any surface, trap his foes in webbing, and swing through New York on web lines. He has super human strength and is extremely durable. His webbing is also extremely strong and can hold several cars with just one strand. Spider man is also an accomplished hand to hand combat fighter even though he hasn't learned any formal style.

but the real kicker? Spider man can actually sense the environment around him in absolute darkness and predict enemies movement while not even looking at them. Yeah, that spider sense is kinda OP😄

So here's what it comes down to:

while batman is incredibly skilled at martial arts, he doesn't have the super strength that Spider-Man does. Also the stealth factor becomes less effective because of the spider sense. However, barring mech suits and vehicles, batman still has a ridiculously huge aresenal of surprise at his disposal via that trusty utility belt.

so who will It be GaGers? Which gladiator will stand when the dust settles?

  • Batman
  • Spider-Man
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  • Spiderman develops his own fighting style that acts hand in hand with his spider sense that would make it extremely difficult for Batman to go hand to hand combat with him.

    Batman prepares for everything ahead of time and is always 10 steps ahead of everyone.

    It's not simple to answer who would win straight up. It depends on the fight, if it's a respectable fight, I think both would stalemate each other.

    If it was some random encounter, they still might stalemate each other.

    it really depends on how the fight is presented. like if you were to ask Superman vs Batman, Superman could just be a total dick and heat vision his head off from 10 miles away or ram right through him at the speed of light.


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  • I'm a huge fan of Bat Man; Don't get me wrong. I just don't see him winning this one.


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  • Spiderman is physically more powerful and has a similar intellect. He has no training in martial arts though and doesn't think as strategic. His intellect is used in different things.

    Would give this a fairly close win to Batman in case he knows its upcoming.

  • Spiderman will have more advantage.. Batman's ammo will run out or his toys and tools will end.. With Time in combat.. While spiderman has got the tingling advantage along with his speed and natural boon of spider senses..
    Batman is good for 5 minutes combat

    Spider man is good for hrs of combat

  • bat man because he has a lot of cool gadgets. if dr otocon could almost beat him with stupid metal arms bat man would definitely smoke him. he could just shot a missile at him from the bat plane or run him over in the bat car.

  • Bats can eat spiders. Its natural order 😆


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