Do you think cursing in school is bad?

I think its bad but i dont think students should get in trouble for it..

there's this one girl in my class i think she's arabian or something she barely speaks English and has like this other student teacher in our class to translate what they don't understand..

Anyway it doesn't matter she's arabian or not i just mention it because some times she says things in English and doesn't understand what exactly.. she's saying, so anyway

Someone ran pass our door in the halway and banged on the door really loud
she goes

"What the hell shit"
and everyone busted out laughing and she was like
"what did i do?" the student teacher guy explained what she said and she got embarassed
she didn't know what the words meant, or if they were bad words something like that, but she still got in trouble.
i think its kinda' unfair she still got in trouble for cursing, What do you think?

  • Yes cursing is bad period
  • No cursing isn't that bad
  • It depends on the situation
  • other
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  • Sometimes, when foreigner try to learn new languages, they know every language bad words first. Haha. So maybe, she understood that before as 'expression when you're surprised', really didn't know the real meaning of it. My teacher told us about his experience trying to learn a new language in the new place when he was still in the university (more or less twenty years ago), his friends told him to buy a snack named 'jancok' (it's not the real name of the snack), it's mean fuck in English, and when he said that to the snack seller, she almost hit him in the face. Haha.

    • i was thinking she probably heard someone else say it and got it from them
      and i had no idea what a jancock is

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    • ohhh you had me confused

    • Hmm, I think yes, because 'jancok' is not an English word, it's a bad word in Javanese.

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  • I meant to vote for C sorry.


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  • Cursing in school is just unnecessary.

  • It's not bad, even our teachers curse.

    • our male teachers curse our female teachers dont
      except one female teacher she curses if needed but not much

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