People that have babies, did you have them on purpose?

Did you plan it, or did it happen by accident?

Are you glad you did?

Is it true what people say that you shouldn't be too excited about it because a lot of kids have medical problems and it's too much to deal with and too expensive?

But what if the money was there?


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  • Yes I have 2 and they were planned. I haven't had medical issues due to them and yes they cost money but they are totally worth it. I wouldn't trade them for any convenienc ot amount of money.

    • I meant the babies had medical issues. Like they were born with Down Syndrome or something.

    • No they were healthy

    • Well that's good

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  • Yeah, don't you just hate it when you like accidentally slip and fall and your penis ends up inside a girl?

    • Did you not understand the question?

    • I did. I'm just being a smartass. It's late and I'm just in a fucking around mood.

    • Awesome

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  • Sorta planned it and sorta didn't.

    Of course I'm glad, love my kid!

    Yes, they're expensive and a pain in the ass sometimes but it's not like you're gonna trade them in or give them away or not plan to have one cause it may end up with a medical problem. What a strange question...

    If the $ is there then good for you!


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