Why do some women get mad when a guy chooses to ignore them after they reject him?

So this is something that happened recently to me and I'm still baffled by why. Long story short saw this cute girl at my school asked her out and she said no, but that we could be friends I shrugged it off and pretty much paid her no further attention. That was the end of that or so I thought. Well a few days after that I was getting in the elevator when she confronted my about ignoring her and asked why. Well I told her straight up I wasn't looking for friends so there was not point in me hanging around. She didn't take to kindly to that.

Yeah I know not all women do this, but the few that do why? I mean if you reject a guy why would you care what he does?

XD I know this example was a bit extreme, but I wanted to add something to make the topic a bit funny.


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  • If I were in a situation like that, I'd prefer it if he just told me from the start that he doesn't think we can be friends, instead of just quietly shrugging it off and then ignoring me completely. That way no mixed signals will be sent and we can just part ways.

    • Also I'm pretty sure she was just irritated at the fact that you ignored her without telling her why, rather than mad that you don't want to be her friend.

    • I wouldn't say I ignored her more so just didn't seek out further interaction with her. I mean she didn't know me before, so I guess I'm just not seeing why care if I ignore her.

  • I never understood the concept of "I'm not looking for friends." Who doesn't want more friends? Friends are awesome, and especially friends of the opposite sex. Don't want to torture yourself by being friends with someone you're attracted to (I hear this a lot)? I don't get that either. I've had attractive guy friends before and still do. It doesn't mean we'd make good boyfriend-girlfriend material.

    But whatever floats your boat. Just saying that may have something to do with how she reacted.

    • *shrugs* I just feel I have enough friends both male and female.

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  • Because they don't understand guys

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