Can you tell if someone is slow?

I'm not saying I am, but I have been told me that I am a bit slow... And it makes me feel kind of ashamed because I don't want to people to think that I have a mental disability... And every job I work at, I don't know why i don't learn as fast as my coworkers, or how to be more fast paced.. And it makes me really sad because I can tell when people get frustrated with me, cause I get frustrated with myself too, and I feel like people can tell that something is mentally wrong with me... because at my last job my friend was a manager and told me people were making fun of me, because they've never met anyone as slow as me... and at another job my manager told me I didn't have any common sense and that everyone was frustrated that I wasn't getting it... And it just happens all the time, all the time I'm told I'm not catching up as quickly as my coworkers hoped and It makes me feel like something is wrong with me, and now at my new job I feel like it's happening again where everyone is just making fun of me, they'll say hi to me when I walk in but I notice they never smile when they say hi to me, and it makes me feel like they don't think too highly of me..


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  • Perhaps you do have an intellectual disability. You can get therapy for many disabilities. They don't make the disability go away, but they can help you cope. In the meantime, stay late and see if there's any way that you can figure out how to do your job faster, whatever it is. An example would be if you're making sandwiches, take a sandwich home, take it apart and put it back together over and over. See if there's some way you can save a few seconds doing that. Then practice wrapping the sandwich over and over so you can do that smoothly. Go on YouTube and watch the "worlds fastest people" for ideas. Whatever job you do, you can learn to do it faster if you try. I doesn't take GENIUS, it just takes practice.

    What's your job?

    • A server at sushi bar, and I buss too. I sometimes have trouble holding the tray with one hand, because of how small it is and I'm always scared I'll drop it when I hold it with one hand

    • So take a tray home and practice walking around your house with plastic plates or cups on it. Make a game out of how many things you can do around the house without having to put the tray down. See how many things you can put on the tray without dropping them. How fast can you walk while carrying tray, etc. Get a small dumbbell at a thrift shop about 3 lbs, and do curls.

      If you have to make sushi, practice making them at home. Put the plates with the ingredients the same way as at work. See if you can pick the right ingredients without looking. take a piece of sushi apart and put it back together over and over.

    • I was going to comment but I'd only be repeating what he said. It's fine to be naturally slow, not like you could control that. But if you want to be on par you have to put in effort, a lot of it. You'll notice that you'll eventually start getting better than the people currently laughing at you.

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