He said He desires my mind and body?

So my male bff today Told me he desires my mind and body. I know what he meant by desires my body but whats so special he desires my mind?


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  • I think he was making an attempt to "show" you that he's not shallow, despite sounding creepy as all hell.

    Beyond that, I don't know. Not enough context in 2 sentences.

    • He said this 'You have no idea how proud that makes me. There is no bigger thrill than fucking a gal who's mind you desire as much as her body. And I'm proud that of all the guys in this world who would love your company, live to get to see that body, I'm the one who does. X' because I told him that dick was just a phone call away but I choose not to sleep with other men, and I dont give my body to men easily but I would him... YES we talk this way towards each other lol

    • lol, fair enough.

      It sounds now like he's really into you... literally and metaphorically. Honestly sounds like he's being playful and honest, that he likes you for YOU.

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  • I think it's because you're very smart. Sometime, guys find it interesting, smart and genius girls. Or maybe, you have your own opinions about anything and he likes it...

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