What kind of tattoo should I get?

I really want to get my first tattoo and am not sure what i want it to be. I've been thinking of just getting a kanji tattoo down the side of my chest/back or something on my shoulder/chest. That or just something on my arm. Heeeelp meee choose


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  • keep in mind that a tattoo is permanent, sure there some "removal" techniques but they don't work %100 and the process is painful.
    so a tattoo should be something with some meaning to you, it doesn't have to be 'deep', just something you think you won't regret having painted on your body forever.
    also for the love of god don't get a kanji tattoo... it's so shallow and overused, and it's also kinda racist considering the fact you're basically appropriating another language just because the letters look aesthetic... (I'm assuming you're not japanese, correct me if I'm wrong)

    anyway good luck! tattoos are great

    • Alright i won't go kanji. I know i eventually want a sleeve of all the music I've grown up with so maybe ill just get a nirvana tattoo or something to start that

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