Does anyone else think black music and black musicians have gone worse?

back in the day, you had motown, jazz, blues, r'n. b, soul and funk, music that actually took talent , instruments and skill and actual sininging, like sam cooke, micheal jackson, stevie wonder, aretha franklin, robert johnson, bb king.

Now all you hear is this rap/hip hop crap which takes no talent at all, is just a beat with talking shouting the n word and swear words,
and people are buying and listening to this music, like future, little wayne, rick ross,


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  • that's a negative perspective, i'm not a future/lil wayne/rick ross fan but they aren't the only black rappers around. rap takes a lot of talent, are you a rap fan because you seem to value singing more than rapping.

    if you prefer the previous popular genres for black music then thats ur business but i'm a huge r&b and hiphop fan, its not a beat with talking, shouting and swear words. it has more components to it.

    • Yeah, I doubt the rappers like little wayne even know what "components" mean?

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    • when did he do that? i never thought i'd end up defending little wayne but his song 6 foot 7 foot isn't bad, i like the joke/punchline rhyme to it
      'talking to myself cuz i am my own consultant
      married to the money, fuck the world; that's adultery'
      prtty funny lol

    • thanks for mho

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  • Hmm, not really.

  • Definitely. I also feel like these "rappers" are going into music not because they love it, but for the lifestyle.


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  • I agree with you all the way!

    hell even rap/hip hop was kinda impressive in the 80s all the way to early 2000s but now is just all a bunch of bullshit. we must not forget that black musicians were pioneers of other immortal music that have change the world today; House and Techno being two of them.

    • that is true, afrika bambata was one of the earliest pioneers of electro and house, a hiphop group, and house in the 80s was mostly r'nb influenced.
      so todays modern music is made by blacks in a way, but house is still takes skill, djs often study theory, and mix it with jazz.

      as for the hip hop, i bet most of the producers of the beats dont know any theory or music, there just some ghetto rat with a beat machine

    • actually House was created by Jesse Saunders aka DJ Jack. Afrika Bambata just took things to another level after crossing it with hip hop and rap. Techno was created by Juan Atkins who is ironically from Detroit.

      but yea you are correct. its kinda funny how I own a few music composing and DJ software and when I'm bored I experiment between electronic and rap and I just can't believe how easy it is to compose a corny ass rap beat. is like seriously do people actually pay money for this?

    • it sellls thats why, stupid music for stupid people, peoples attention span is short popular music is just what's trendy at the time, little wayne today, some new rapper next year.
      2years from now all these hip hop rappers will be forgotten

  • You left out Rock 'n Roll, Ragtime, Big Bsnd and Gospel. In fact, if you take Black Americans out of the mix, the only musical genre we have left is Country.! If you're not fond of what's currently on the menu, why don't you create something for a change? Otherwise I'll be forced to call the waaaaaambulance!

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