AM I telling him too much?

Ok so my male bff and I we tell each other everything. I mean I even told him about how I am having a hard time dating white men now after I've been with my first childs father cause he 'completely ruined me down there cause he is so big' LMFAO. We tell each other everything he even tells me when he fucks his girlfriend and everything and i tell him about my sex life too. Me and him even have seen each other naked, and weve both seen each others private parts and everything. Am I sharing too much with him? lol We are just so comfortable talking to each other. He says he loves me. He also says im refreshing, and that he desires my body just as much as he desires my mind. I mean he makes me feel so good about myself but I always have a hard time believing his compliments. We have been friends for going on 6 years.


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  • As long as your SO's are aware of the relationship, its fine