What m&m's flavor is your favorite?

Really simple question really. So m&m's are my favorite candy of all time since my childhood, and this website is pretty good for making polls (the best one for polls I know of at least), and so here I am asking this question. And the 6 flavors on the poll aren't the only m&m flavors. The poll is limited to only 7 options, and so I just put in the more distinct/popular/notable flavors on there. If you wanna see ALL the flavors, this is it below:
What m&m's flavor is your favorite? Note: There is a reason why Mini and Mega m&m's are below the line. They are different m&m variations, but they are not an actual new flavor. They both just taste like the regular Milk Chocolate m&m's. The only thing that changes is their size. So you may not pick Mini or Mega m&m's, since they are just different sizes and not actual different flavors.

And there are also MANY holiday flavors of m&m's... but those are just basically regular Milk Chocolate m&m's, only slightly bigger, and with like a small, weak hint of artificial flavors injected into them (Birthday Cake, Honey, Pumpkin Spice, Cherry, Carrot Cake, etc). So they don't really count, since they practically taste like a regular ole Milk Chocolate m&m. And very few people actually like them.

As for me personally, my favorite is Dulce De Leche-Caramel, and then Pretzel. The Caramel ones were only out for a limited time, in only 5 places, and I never got to try them. Most of you probably didn't even know they existed. But I'm a complete and total caramel-lover, and to me, anything with caramel is good. So I therefore, like them already, without needing to try them. And caramel filled chocolate bars are everywhere, and they're really good, meaning that Caramel m&m's are good as well. And as for the Pretzel ones, the salty/sweet combination is just a win, and I just love pretzels in general.

And yeah, that's all there is really. Which flavor is your favorite?

  • The Regular Milk Chocolate
  • Peanut
  • Peanut Butter
  • Crispy
  • Pretzel
  • Dulce De Leche-Caramel
  • Other (Please State)
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Tbh, I was expecting this to get WAY more answers. I've asked this exact question before, just more straight to the point, less detailed, and it didn't have all these pictures of the m&m bags. And I guess I did better before. I guess that all these pictures just makes a question seem too clashy and too long, and just turns people away. My original question just had the title, poll options, and a brief explanation in the details. And I guess a simple, to the point question is what people want.


What Girls Said 2

  • Here, I only have two options: peanut or chocolate. So, I prefer peanut.
    I hope can try all the other flavors one day.

  • I prefer the minis, so that'd still be the regular milk chocolate.


What Guys Said 1

  • Don't remember the last time I ate those. Probably 15 years ago. So many new flavors now.