What should I do this is the 2rd time uber almost got me killed? no. joke?

So for the 2rd time this year I caled for a uber.. i. waited over 30 min.. only to find out my ride was at the wrong adress then said he couldn't come. I was tried telling the guy I would come to him or he could come to me.. mind you were in the same fucking city. so he says no and I get charged with a $80 canceling fee that was everything on my card so now am stuck 3 towns fucking over in the cold agin.. only this time it's not raining. the only choice I have left is to wait 3 hours and 30 fucking min for a train or walk 5 hours.


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  • 1. File a chargeback request with your credit card company/bank as the service was not delivered.
    2. Don't use Uber again.

    • Thanks for MHO and good luck resolving your problem with them!

    • They gAve me my money back ND apologize for being so unreliable

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  • 2nd*

    it's spelled '2nd'

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