Do you agree that most people here are being fakely nice, when they “congratulate” someone who won at a contest here?

I believe yes. I believe most of them think “Why you won, and not me?” but they don’t dare to say it. So they say a fake “congratulations” instead, in order to be nice.

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  • It's 10.36 pm and about an hour ago I went home after a long competition day. BUT I FAILED IT! Whereas my friend was the first runner up! Uh, I can guarantee that you can't understand my feeling at this time because it's very sick. I did more preparation than her, but she got trophy and money! And nothing for me... It's very sad... I wanna cry...

    I thought this is not my lucky day. But be a grateful person would be wonderful that the jealous one. Then I realized it would be good if I congratulated her, threw all of my jealousy, and face the future. Be a better person.

    P. S.: It was a storytelling competition.


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  • It is a given that some people do think this way, but I think most are genuinely congratulating the person who won. Of course everyone likes to win every once in a while, but that doesn't mean they are being falsely nice in spite of the person who won.


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  • I'm sure there are people who wished they had won the contest, but why be sour about it? It's not bad to congratulate someone. People who didn't want to congratulate them they wouldn't bother commenting the question, let alone go into the question in the first place

    • I have expressed my disappointment a few times when I didn't win.

    • No harm done

  • no, lmao they're saying thank u like 'good game, i shouldve won but i didn't so props to u :D ' at least thats my attitude about it lmao

  • Depends on the person. You can understand it from their body language.


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