I hate my neighbours barking dogs!! What can I do about it?

Me and my wife have just moved into our perfect home, we're trying to start a family and everything couldn't be better... Except I hate our neighbours dogs!

They have two ugly little yappy things that bark the second they are placed outside until the second they are let back in. It doesn't matter wheter they are outside for 30 seconds or 30 minutes. One of the dogs tends to howl more than it barks and the other just barks. It's currently 1:00am where we live and I heard our neighbour open the door and let them in the garden literally the second I hear them close the door the dogs start barking about 30 seconds later he screams 'shut up!' And brings them in.

earlier today I was in my kitchen working with my headphones in and I thought I could hear something so I pulled them out. I could hear the dogs next door in their kitchen yapping away and I could hear my neighbours shouting 'get down!' This went on for about 20 minutes and then I heard the dogs growling at each other and getting screamed at to stop.

me and my wife were bringing our groceries into the house and we heard them barking yet again, I heard my wife scram and when I turned around the littlest one had chased her down our yard into our house!

whenever my wife is in the garden they growl, bark and howl at her. At 2am yesterday I got out of bed to use the bathroom and I heard them barking again.

i also heard what sounded like them being beaten a few days ago, I heard lots of shouting 'shut up' and banging around and dogs yelping and crying.

in their yard its full of dog shit they haven't even bothered to pick up and it drives me mad! My niece was playing in our yard this weekend and she came in crying saying she was scared of the mean loud dogs next door

we have only just moved in so we don't want to cause trouble with our neighbour so is there anythin else we can do?


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  • My daddy would bring out his shotgun


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  • just go and ask them to handle their dogs.

  • Just ask them to try and quiet down their dogs. That's all you really can do.


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  • I've had the same problem.
    There is in order to these things. Procedure:
    Talk to the dog owners.
    Talk to the HOA
    Talk to the Cops/Animal control

    In that order.
    As I am a huge dog lover, and was driven so mad by the barking, I'm compelled to mention that you should under no circumstances harm the dog. Its just being a dog.

  • There dogs mate, dogs bark

    • All day? So if I stand in my garden shouting 'hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!' on constant repeat no one would mind because I'm a human and humans talk?