If men and women didn't need each other for reproduction what effect would that have for society?

In the relatively near future, artificial sperm and eggs, as well as wombs will be available. This means that in theory men and women could live and continue to reproduce without ever having to interact with each other. As you can see in modern society the more similar our roles have become the more distant from each other we have been.

So if there is no longer any biological or social need for us to interact with the other gender, what large scale effect would this have in the long run? Would men only or women only societies develop? would there be war?


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  • Marriage and LTR in general will have its final nail and relationships will be almost purely sex-based

    The gender divide will be at its greatest ever, not saying they'll stay away completely, but a lot

    • I think so too, it will be bad for gender relations and the only way to control it would be patriarchy of some extent.

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  • I would be able to start a family with a cute girl and we'd be happy 😘 nah but man I don't know, I've never given it much thought.

  • People will still have sex

    • yes of course, but it will be far more of the casual kind of sex, and a lot less of the relationship kind. And gender relations will be at a all time low.

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    Oh my what would they look like

  • No I don't think so, and I'll give you a simple reason, sex, everyone (or almost) loves sex, and nowadays sex isn't necessarily for reproduction, so I believe even if we don't need the other gender to reproduce, we'd still mingle

    • Dont take my examples at the end of the post as some kind of absolutes. Im talking about any types of effects that this could have, do you really think nothing would change? like politics?
      Also there would practically be no need for families at all anymore if this technology became available on a large scale. And as you have noticed, even though lots of men and women still mingle and interact, we dont marry nearly as much, we dont cohabit with each other as much anymore. More people are single etc. And for sex, there is porn, prostitution and soon virtual reality to satisfy this need as well.

      I think this could be significant in the long run.

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    • Men need women as much as women need men, romantic love isn't the same as the love your family or a friend can give you, it's just more intense in my opinion, people has always craved intimate interaction with the other gender, it's how we're build up, it's our natural instinct, you can't fight against it, our basic instincts will never go away

    • No they dont. Women need men more than men need women. This is fact. Just look at all the statistics showing men being more happy being single in their 30s and upwards compared to women. Also all the hard physical labour that is almost exclusively done by men that makes our modern and comfortable society able to function, without that it would be even more onesided.

      Also romantic love is definitely not a need. Its a luxury, since anyone can live without it, and many people (especially men) can be perfectly happy and content without romantic love.

      The instinct you speak of, is the instinct to reproduce, so your body rewards you or having sex, it doesn't care about if you talk or bond with the other person before you do it. So this instinct can be satisfied without the need to become romantic with the other gender. Although it is also true that the "need" to bond with a partner is bigger in women, which also reinforces the fact that women need men more than the opposite.

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  • Nope. Men have always held power in society. And if history is any indicator, those in power will not give it up easily. Women will remain the subservient gender. Women can still be used for sex, even if their reproductive function is no longer necessary.

    • I think so too. Men are the dominant gender. But i think we would end up more segregated by gender because of this, and the politics would certainly change in regards to gender relations. Would be interesting to see.

    • I think it would start to resemble how ISIS treats women and girls in Iraq.