Why are some people such shitty, irresponsible drivers?


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  • I'm not so sure that it's irresponsible or just don't care. We live in a society that seems to have a " me first " and " it's all about me " mentality. Why are they like this? Either they grew up in the same house with this attitude or they have developed it on their own and it is re enforced by who they choose to hang out with

    • Took my words out of my mouth. That's pretty much what I was going to post.

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    • @Hastsezini your right man , cell phone are great and very useful when a person know when it appropreate time to use them. I don't think Law Enforcement is doing enough to curb this problem. And like you when me and the Mrs go out its me that does the driving

    • Thank you young Lady

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  • Because we live in a self-entitled, stupid society. Have you ever been beeped at for doing the speed limit? I have.

  • State of things today. No one cares about anything.


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