Slept with ex , he initiated contact to talk after breakup can there ever be a 2nd chance if so how to?

1. Broke up 3 Fridays ago- he did the breaking up

2. We connected on all levels, comfortable , stable, wanted the same things

3. He was stressed with not able to get a job etc- basically closed himself off from me and our friends in March and always called himself lame or suck for not hanging.

4. Breakup-Said it was not me and it was him with the stress and how he felt. Told me he didn't feel what he thought he should (I think its his fault since he closed off) and we were not growing closer or saw future.

5. I didn't contact him at all. He contacted me first week afterto see how i was. I responded in short answer. This Friday contacted me again to see how i was again. Talked a bit more and then invited me over to hang or talk or whatever. (I had an idea what was going to happen)

6. Went over he had a candle lite. sat on the bed he layed down and told me to come next to him we cuddled for a min. he initiated make out and then had sex. Asked if it was ok. Should have said no but didn't. Talked a bit. He talked in past tense ( "this is how I felt" ) Not sure if he feels different or what. Cuddled together really close. Fell asleep and i asked when he wanted me to leave he shook his shoulders for I don't know so i fell asleep too. Woke up had more sex again slept a little more then left. He had to get up.

7. Said bye and he asked if it is weird. told me to get home safe and to text him later if I wanted. Leaving communication up to me? for more? Should I text him today later maybe?

8. My freind talked to his bff whom we are mutual freinds with- she said he told her he did not want to drag me down that time. ill find out more next Saturday when i see her. Stress and depression lead to these behaviors and negative thoughts?

9. Is there any chance we could get back together? I love him and believe there is in my heart help!!

  • Got back together, but slept together first
  • Got back together before sleeping together again
  • None- Did not contact what is done is done
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What Guys Said 1

  • You spit with this ex?

    • What? yes, we split up about 3 Fridays ago.

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    • I reference did you spit with this ex, or did you do away with his tadpoles by the mouth

    • Well when we were together I swallowed if thats what you mean. Last night we had sex and he finished inside of me 2x. I am on the pill

What Girls Said 1

  • Do you think that maybe he just wants you with "no strings attached."
    He's saying he's stressed, is talking about not having a future with you & is emotionally talking in the past tense but still wants sex with you?
    Do you want this too?
    It sounds like a friends with benefits thing...

    • You need to get clear with where you stand with him basically. It's kind of heartless for him to break it off with you but still wants to sleep with you. He's messing with your heart & is getting his needs met. What about you? What do you want? You need to talk this with him.

    • I don't know. I mean we were in a happy relationship before he fell into this depressed state because of no work etc. He's talking in the past about when he broke up with me. was saying that was how he felt. But like I said I don't know if he still feels that way. Im hoping it is not a friends with benefits thing because I don't know if I can personally take that. with my previous ex I had had sex with him plenty of times but every time I did it killed me leaving his house, so I don't know if I can handle that again. I want him and I want us again. I will reach out and try to talk to him about it soon. Hoping for the best but not expecting much. Thanks!