Can Muslims explain this to me?

An anti-domestic violence bill in Pakistan declared un-Islamic.

I'm having a hard time believing that Islam really is the religion of Peace?


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  • No disrespect to Muslims because there are a lot of Islam believers who are damn good, amazing, lovely people but if Islam was truly a religion of peace, then why have Muslims been slaughtering each other for over 1,000 years due to text that is written in the Quran? It probably has something to do with the fact that the prophet Muhammad was a warlord who encouraged serial violence and serial rape. I'm not sure how right things can go when a bunch of people worship a sociopathic lunatic who had a crush on a little girl and told people to go act like crazies. Just sayin.

    • inb4 the "But you have to read the Quran in context to understand what it is meant"

      I seriously dislike Islam... it's a joke of a religion.

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    • I don't care whether it's disrespectful or not... freedom of speech allows me to say such things. Something women just don't have in places like Pakistan.

      I don't care whether you've read the Quran... to me it's useless.

      Islam is backward, oppressive and silly.

    • If you don't care whether it's disrespectful or not then you need to take your eyes off of Muslims for a moment and correct yourself. Disrespect is never okay nor is your nasty, offensive tone. Freedom of speech may allow you to say what you like, but that doesn't mean people have to put up with you being a rude, tactless jerk.

      I'm not going to join in on your degrading bashing session of a whole religion and their followers nor am I going to put up with your tone just because you feel like ranting.

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  • You did disrespected Muslims and you said in the comments that you don't care if it's disrespectful. So why should anyone bother answering your question when you already cleared your mind about every Muslim on earth!!

    I was born a Muslim and Arab :)
    People (specially Islamphopic like yourself) should understand the mentality of people around the world regardless of their beliefs and religions. So? Do you think American Muslims are like European Muslims? Are they like Arab Muslims? Asian? African? Of course you don't or at least didn't bother knowing the difference.
    you see places like The middle east and Asia like Pakistan.. Where a lot of politics problems are going there ( thanks to you know who ) men with power who benefits from Destabilize the regime or worse WARS will take advantage of everything they can show in countries like the Middle East and Pakistan where education is bad and people are hungry.. how can you control him? Yes you know the answer say it!!
    Religion!!! They will twist everything to make these poor people do Extreme things believing it is the right thing does the solution so they can have a normal life..

    It's gonna take so long to convince you my point and I can't keep talking right now
    I just hope you realize my point
    I mean look at the United app off in the righ I mean look at the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar.. Are they the same as KSA? Although they are all a middle eastern GCC countries with the same religion the same language on the same traditions what a totally different mentality!

    Have a good day/night everyone :)


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  • Wow I are you kidding me? Thats not true. As muslim woman I'm just sick of extermists taking over everything. And by the way how do you know that news even true? Non of my pakistani friends said anything.

    • Someone's a little defensive this morning.

      You do know that Muhammad Khan Sherani, the head of the Council of Islamic Ideology, was voted in by a MAJORITY. That means the MAJORITY feel the same way - that the new Women Protection Act is un-Islamic.

      Don't go No True Scotsman on this either... they're not "extremists", they're Muslim.

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    • Anoymous Female, why waste your energy and effort on a man who is so carelessly disrespectful and nasty? You don't owe him responses or attention. Let him sulk in his own toxic mess on his own.

    • @CosmicallyCombined Oh boo hoo :(

      You're almost oppressive as Islam, well done.

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  • islam is like all other religions, it should not go out of temples or religious places and should be between the human and god, a human is not a lawyer of god or his religion and can't force it on other humans, god doesn't needs humans help and is not sadistic to enjoy watching them fighting eachother and setting rules for him, all islamic countries and islamic regimes are using it as they want for political issues such as christian empires in middle ages and how they were using their version of Christianity for their political goals !
    or the ancient empires who were using religions and fear of gods to control people and rule the empire as they want !

  • It is un-Islamic. Qur'an 4:34

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