How tall do you think I'll be?


I'm 15 (Male) from Sweden who really wants to reach 1,88 (6'2) and last time I checked (Last night) I was 1,77 (5 ft 9.6 in) and my weight is 165 lbs. I will turn 16 this year.

My dad's 1,83 (6ft), mom's 1,58 (5'2) and my 19 year old brother is 1,90 (6'3).
My dad was 1,65 (5'5) at 15 and my brother was 5'9 at 15.
I do stretching exercises every night before I go to sleep (Done that for about a month). I drink at least 3 glasses of milk to each meal and drinks a lot of water + eating much veg so that I can increase my height.

Grateful for every answer that I get (The best will be nominated to MHO) :)


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What Girls Said 1

  • Its possible you could get there.
    How tall are your dads parents?
    My guess is you'll be close to, or a little over 6 ft.

    • I don't know how tall my dads parents are but I know that a lot of my relatives are well over 6'3.

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  • I think you might grow up to 6'5 ft (198 cm)