Should I go to my country to fix things even if thats mean I would be in trouble?

So my brother is my enemy he work at the police and he always felt jelouse of me.. He always get me in trouble even though i never crossed the law.. By my country is messed up anyone in authority can do whatever and no one can help me... I minpulate him and said that i would be back that how i left in the first place however my mothrr always encourage him to make my life measurable. Now i have to go back since my id in my country would expire and my bank account would be frozen... My sister texted me today and told me to go back and fix things since im not the bad person here she told me to come and not to tell them however my brother put my name in the system he will know if i ever get back and would stop me from leaving again.. This is the only chance i had to leave to try to make a lofe for me as human away from them and i dont want them to take it away from me ,,, what should i do? Im screwed both ways which one is less l? What would u do if u were me?


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  • I would not go back if I had other options

    • O dont have other options my bank account would be frozen the saving i haf i will lose them ether that or putting my freedom between my brothers hands

    • It's still a choice.

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  • Depends on what kind of trouble you'd be in. You could apply for asylum in your host country if the threat is that bad and unjustified.

    • I can not my country really dont like anyone who speak about them my friend here told me if i ever ask for help here they might send me back the rules are messed up in my country and im stuck