Ever fall back into love or want with an ex?

After breaking up for whatever time may be a few weeks or month etc, could it be possible to fall back into love or want an ex back? Has this ever happened to anyone and have you gotten back with them?

1. We broke up 3 fridays ago. He has contacetd me every Friday since asking how I am. Asked if I wanted to hang/talk or whatever this past weekend. I went over but we wound up having sex and me sleeping over. I know it prob was a booty call ugh! ( thought bootycalls were not to sleep over). He held me tight and cuddled me a lot.
2. Before broke up for him beign stressed and not seeing us progressing growing closer etc. which i find weird b4 that it was great. I feel like there is a deeper reason. .
3. Why would he text me every weekend to see how I am. Could he possibly miss me etc? When we talked he talked in past tense like this is how I felt.
We were happy and saw this lasting a long time. I don't know howe it could change like that. Could he ever fall back for me?


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