Do you think it counts?

So recently i've decided to make amends with all my enemies. i dont seem to have any right now but a few years ago, i definitely had some. i've changed a lot and just became more calm and peaceful (rather then high strung and easily angered) so i want to just lift these thoughts (about some things that have happened) off my shoulders and have the people do the same after accepting my apologies.
but my question is does it count if someone had started all the drama? because the thing about me is i never actually start any drama, but i sure do finish it.
some girls just love to start things with me and even though its like im the victim, i've made their lives hell. the things they told me didn't affect me (because its never anything personal, just random things that they assumed or heard about me) but i always made them feel bad about themselves with the things i said, and have made a few girls cry just through words. so by the end of things, they were the ones feeling bad and ended up hating me for years. probably still do. at the same time i feel like i should apologize, but at the same time its like should i really? i've always been the type of person that keeps to myself unless someone wants to start things so i didn't just go around making girls cry for no reason.


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  • Yes it counts!

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