Write me a poem?

Please? :3


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  • Everyone love's dog's this you'll see
    If mine were like you @dog19 I'd kiss her feet
    She's be the sweetest and prettiest of all her kind
    Every time I see her I want to shout out"YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL" each time☺
    She's only 17 I don't know what that is in dog year's... and I won't try to figure it out cause I really hate math, I just has to stop and write this before I took my queenly bath😄
    She is as cute as a button and her laugh is contagious, sometimes I think why do we put dog's in cages?
    She should be free... of all her pain, but she should understand sometimes you can find happiness singing in the rain.(cause I do😉)
    Run wild, play hard, have a ton of adventure's and drool if you must, but also remember Afrodite love's you.. to GUTZ!!💞💞💞


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  • Serenity in life cannot be
    Roaming flames of inadequacy.
    The question waits of when and where
    The purity of existence will appear.

    Psychological beauty of heart
    Piercing the mind as an emotion-charged dart.
    Unique and magnificently immense
    Additionally acute and intense.

    To whom shall the light shine?

    Encapsulated in this advice
    Reigns the animation of streaming life.
    Seize this as your sign
    Blatantly losing your apprehensive mind.
    Ultimately invoking this one final part
    Trust yourself and live from the heart.

  • a wiseman has said
    imagination is everything
    so i started to imagine
    you and me together
    in all the great places in the world
    Rome, Paris, New York, london
    but always in ur arms
    in your embracement
    that's the nicest place to be
    which I can imagine

  • Today's world is sickeningly disgusting.
    It's vile and requires readjusting.

    Israel is in violation of international law.
    Aborted foetuses get torn to shreds like bloody Coleslaw.

    Mother's suck dick using the same mouth the kiss their kids with.

  • Roses are Red,
    My name is Dave.
    This poem makes no sense,

  • Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    So shall be your face
    When i'll be choking you (yeah not in a happy place right now sorry ^^)

  • A poem I wrote for my daughter before she was born...

    Before; my life had been my own
    but now it is yours, my seeds I've sown.

    I've seen things and done things
    that have made me soar
    To share these with you
    and so much more.

    If you could see through my eyes
    your life is only limited by the skies

    My love will undoubtedly grow day by day
    your strength, your health, the only things I prey!

  • Dog19 I know you don't like me
    I know you don't know me
    But if you get to know me
    You'll like me
    And you'll want me
    Around all the time

    If you don't like the poem then say something to be totally honest I can rap tho

  • Dog Nineteen wants poem
    Teens with peens race to impress
    But is she really girl?

  • The day has light
    The night has darkness
    Preppy people live during the day
    Goth people live during the night
    Pop is the music of the preppy people
    Metal is the music of the goth people

  • I was holding a bat
    Waiting for a rat
    Cause I don't have a cat
    But I want one as a pet

  • This one is a classic:

    An old pond!
    A frog jumps in—
    the sound of water.

  • Roses are red violets are blue this poem has no point elbow grease my joinr


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  • i'm not good at writing poems but im good at picking out good ones, lemme introduce u to the great sara teasdale:

    I am not yours, not lost in you,
    Not lost, although I long to be
    Lost as a candle lit at noon,
    Lost as a snowflake in the sea.

    You love me, and I find you still
    A spirit beautiful and bright,
    Yet I am I, who long to be
    Lost as a light is lost in light.

    Oh plunge me deep in love--put out
    My senses, leave me deaf and blind,
    Swept by the tempest of your love,
    A taper in a rushing wind.

    -Sara Teasdale

  • no! I won't!

  • write me a poem
    and show me how you feel
    give me an omen
    for me to know what is real
    please, please, please
    Stop the tease
    open up you heart to me
    your blouse and legs
    let me lick you off, break your threads
    till you moan for me your sweet poem
    sweet, intense and solemn.

  • The night was black
    The ocean was cold
    Her body was full of pills
    She would never grow old.

  • In the light of day all terror hides away
    In the dark of night you must learn to fight
    you face that fear while no one is near
    you scream for help but no one is there
    depression is there not only to scare
    as it takes a hold you journey is told
    in the depth of the pit that you now
    have to sit as light fades away now you must pay

  • I stood there just staring,
    Too shocked to even move.
    We were totally going to be one true pairing,
    Your much too good-looking face I obviously approved.

    You put off in my heart a trigger,
    Your personality, your voice, was just too good to be true.
    Yet you seemed so familiar,
    Little did I know then, that that amazing person was you.

  • Gag suck
    Like for real
    It really sucks

  • "Grass is green
    Sky is blue" -carinerose

  • Just a second. Let me pull it right out of my ass!

  • Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I am beautiful
    You are not
    - The end

    • People already tell me I look ugly as fuck in real life, thanks for reminding me of my ugliness.

    • Aw dang i was just joking around , now i feel bad :( how about
      Roses are red
      Violets are blue
      I'm ugly af
      You are cute

    • Still don't feel any better :3

  • Roses are red, violets are blue, my mouth smells like fresh cock and I know yours does too.