Hockey question?

I am playing hockey soon as defense and wanted to know if a pelvic protector is really needed?

If you use one, which one do you use?

Could I use the Adidas Sparring gear one?


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  • needed? no, not at all. You can use your body to stop a puck. You'll likely get injured, though. The chances of this increase significantly if you are playing defense, as it's partly your job to block shots. But again, there are ways to mitigate this other than the use of protection.

    However, if you ever get good enough to compete in a more serious setting, the shots will get harder and more difficult to mitigate. You'll find that wearing protection is practically mandatory. And, if you've honed your skills up to that point by not wearing it, you'll find that suddenly wearing some is much more difficult than one might think. I had the same problem, myself. I'm so used to not wearing a helmet, pads, gloves, etc (street hockey), then I suddenly got invited to play in a slightly more serious setting in which I was expected to wear these things. I could barely stay on my skates because my balance was so far off. I also had trouble seeing the puck because I wasn't used to a cage in front of my eyes. And I couldn't really handle the puck because the gloves changed the 'feel' of my stick. I basically had to learn from scratch, but there wasn't time for that, so I just played badly..

  • well it'll help. getting hit with the puck is never fun anywhere on your body, so protecting the more sensitive areas would be a good idea.


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