Are people intimidated by me possiblly?

By no means am I trying to be concieted by asking this. I have been told that I'm good looking by people before. Yesterday I did my makeup really nice and put on fake eyelashes and I usually don't wear any makeup at all. 2 people came up to me at different parts in the day and actually told me I was beautiful and I was so flattered my face turned red. I noticed a lot of people in the grocery store would look at the ground when I looked at them this never happens. They complelty avoided the regular eye contact strangers usually make and it seemed obvious. Even women were doing it and usually people at least smile or something.


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  • If you looked a lot better than normal that is possible. Attractive people are treated differently, and women are generally creeped out by guys that look at them that aren't on her level. So a lot of guys learn not to look directly at attractive women, unless the guy has loads of confidence.

    I can walk around and smile at guys, old ladies, and unattractive ladies, and get a smile or head nod back, but if I look at an attractive woman and smile, she reacts negatively. Her body language automatically tells me she is worried that I will approach her. I guess they get hit on so much they misjudge my intention.

    You also say women did this as well? I am not sure what the reason for that would be. Maybe it is some female competition thing, where they don't want you to know how pretty they think you are or something.

    • Thanks this helps a lot

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  • Seriously doubt it.