What the hell does he mean by allusive?

What does it mean when a person wants to remain "hidden, mysterious, and allusive?" Just wondering. What the hell do they mean when they imply the word allusive? I've had an online friend who I've been friends with for many years but he said he wants to remain mysterious, hidden and allusive. I've never seen what he looks like.


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  • He meant elusive which is another way of saying 'hard to find' or out of sight. My friends call me elusive because I'm no longer arpund and they don't see me as often, nor do they know where I live.


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  • It means he doesn't want to commit or open up personality and emotionally

    • Listen I've known this man for 6 years. We are very open and honest with each other he just will never show me what he looks like or tell me who he is. I know his personality and I know him emotionally. He just wants to keep his identity concealed

    • You know each other for 6 years and he doesn't show his face. Its clear that he is not wanting to get closer to you than that.

  • It means he want's to keep everything on the internet. It sounds like he might be married and does not want to meet up in person.


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