How to know if ex wants you back or just is going to use you for sex?

hat are the signs? Even If the 2 of you have sex what are the signs that he wants you back as his girlfriend. If he just wanted sex wouldn't he say it? Help how do I get my boyfriend back and how do i tell if he wants me back too


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  • You can't know for sure, try to test him somehow.

    • Yeah, not sure how I would go about doing that. he initiated contact with me after the break up about a week after. He was the one who broke up with me. Upon contact he asked me how I was doing and i answered the next day. the weekend after he texted me again this time it was earlier asking how I was doing again etc then we talked a bit and he asked what I was doing. By that time it was really late and he asked what was doing to see if i wanted to hang out or talk or something. i went over eventhough it was really late. We wound up having sex and sort of talked but not really. I slept over left and he told me to text him later that day if I wanted. I did and he never answered the text let alone read it yet. That was Sunday night. So I don't know if he is going to text me this weekend or what. It seems like its interest but since we had sex I don't know what to think either. Mind you we cuddled and he held me tight as well

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    • I hope so. Other people have different views on this but I hope he does. He has only contacted me twice over the course of the 2 weeks. Like I said the one time really late at like 1 am and then the next weekend at 8;30 and we talked until later when he asked me if i wanted to hang or talk but at that point it was almost 1am so he didn't know which in turn we had sex. That is why sometimes I think other. since he has not read my text from Sunday but yet told me to text him. In my opinion as well as my freinds that know him well know him to not be a D-bag in other words. He is a really great guy with a lot of respect for people and girls and I did not think he would be the one to use me for something like that, but who knows. Like i said I really love him and want us to work. When we talkd he also told me he did not expect me to say I love you and talked in past tense saying this is how I felt at the time when we broke up so i dont know. Ugh

    • Well, I hope it will work out for you two, good luck :)

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