Do you ever feel miserable over the thought of being successful in a field you don't like?

I feel so miserable. I just think I'm going to turn into some kind of zombie or something.


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  • Then you should probably switch fields to avoid such suffering you only have one life after all.

  • lol as an engineer, yes. It sucked ass.

    • I'm in business, I just feel so... empty. It is so hard to describe because while I wouldn't mind getting out I have nothing else to turn to.

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    • People underestimate business far too much. I'm not sure why.

      I don't really know about what the workplace is like to be honest, but there was a lot of work for my undergrad. Not complex work, but quite a bit

    • Ya coop is good. Gives you a good idea of when you'll be bored with it all.

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