Why do girls sometimes turn their face as soon as they look at me?

I've been seeing same question in G@G, people are asking "why girls are looking at me". In my experience I've seen sometimes girls are turning they face as soon as we faced each other. Like Im getting down from bus. A girl is waiting. As soon as she faced me she just turned her face other side weirdly.

Please don't say the reason, I'm ugly or repulsive. Im very handsome guy.



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  • They may avoid looking at you because they're shy and find you attractive.

    Or... some people just don't like making eye contact with strangers regardless of attractiveness (feeling like it's awkward) and avoid doing so. That's how I'm like.

    • No, it's not about eye contact. They are walking or observing people normally, but in front of me their sudden face turn makes me look at them, even though I may not notice them initially.

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  • If you're so handsome, it's probably 'cus they're shy, dude.


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  • Is the sun behind you? LOL

    • Lol, even if it's they were already looking at the sun ;)

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