What is this sound?

What does it mean when you turn your car on and it's making a tapping noise? It's coming from under the hood. When I let it run for awhile, it shakes like it's going to give out but doesn't.
Thanks in advance


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  • How does it start?

    • Does it stall?

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    • Thanks for the MHO!

    • You're very welcome 😊

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  • If it is shaking like a vibration, or like the engine isn't running smooth, plus the noise I think you have a bad lifter or rocker arm. Something in the valve train in the engine has broken which is causing the engine to mis-fire on that cylinder causing the engine to run rough.

    • Thank you. What can I do? Is this a huge problem?

    • If it is inside the engine, the tapping noise will increase with the speed of the engine. Usually any engine related work is not good and expensive. Hopefully it is minor, but don't expect it.

    • Thanks so much

  • Alternacatitor.

  • That shaking thing happened to me and my car ended up stalling on the highway and then I wasn't able to get it to run again. I called a tow truck and when I had a mechanic look at it they determined it was the alternator.

    • Oh boy! That's not good at all!

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