What would you do if you were me in this situation?

I have a B average.

I am set to graduate in 1-month (but have the option of deferring if I want to).

I wasted 2 years of my life which only hurt me instead of helped me.

I have one option left which is to ask if one term of mine can be waived, so that I can take some courses this summer and include that towards my degree. However I am really hesitant not because I don't want to put in effort, but because I am afraid of jeapordizing my degree.

The most my grades can raise if I do this, is to a B+.

I am wondering if it is even worth it? Moreover, if I plan to pursue this option I NEED to get in my form by tomorrow otherwise it's not going to happen.


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  • It really depends what your studying and what you want to do. With computer science and programming it's what you can do that matters can you do the work needed and show it witch your portfolio and interview but with things like medicine , choosing to teach your subject and law your grades matter far far more.


What Girls Said 1

  • If you are passing the degree, what's the problem?

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