Is this guy a coward?

I met up with my now former friend just last night to give him back something he lent me. And for some strange reason a guy wanted to fight me, I showed the guy who wanted to fight that I wasn't intimidated by him at all and things backed down. But, in the midst of this, my former friend drove off. He literally drove off and left me with the guy who wanted to fight me. I called him later and told him he drove off and asked him why. He made some excuse saying that he was busy and had to go home but he was just sitting down doing nothing at home all the time I was talking to him. My Question for the GAG community is, is my former friend (I got rid of him because I felt he was a user) a coward? Yes or no.

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He left immediately when the guy wanted to fight.. Straight away


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  • Just the sort of person that doesn't care about anyone so why would he care if someone beat you up.


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  • Your still getting into fights at your age?

    • No. Some guy wanted to fight me for no reason.

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    • weirdness. Hope we can both stay away from silly people like them :) Good day to you sir

    • Thank you very much and the same to you

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  • hard to say based upon timing. if he left because of the anger increasing, I'd say yes. but you say he is a user, so he is selfish and didn't care. so he may just be selfish and have so many other problems, coward is low on th elist...

    • As I've just added he left immediately when the guy wanted to fight. He, my friend, got back in his car and drove off.

    • Who was the other guy that wanted to fight? yoru x friend may have just not given a crap about your fate, did the exchange and figured, I'm out of here... what they have going on isn't my issue. Doesn't mean he is a coward and ran from a fight. Definitely doesn't have your back though... good you separated from him.

  • you're scrutinizing the wrong friend

    • Judging me? Some people out in the world do want to brawl others for no reason. Some are mentally ill persons that wish to do this to others, some are just hot heads. It's life.

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    • ooh i see. i thought u were speaking about the cowardice of the guy wanting to fight, whom i thought was your ex friend as well.

      your friend isn't a friend, definitely a coward.

    • Yes. Thanks. I know this now. I had a gut feeling he was just using me up to dump all his problems on me. Oh well. :) Hope we all can stay away from brawlers but also have better people in our lives :)

  • he's a coward and maybe he even set that guy up to fight you

    • Put it this way, there's two things you can do in a situation like that:
      a) Support your friend - shout at the guy, let the guy know he's gonna be in a bad situation
      b) Run away and leave your friend
      He chose option B.
      He's not a true friend. True friends would at the very least try to go in and discourage whatever's happening.

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