Does She like me or little bit?

Ok, I been crushing on this girl for a year and a half ever since she join my church and at first she didn't like the letter after she the 30th letter so she said to end it and after that became weird than a guy try to go after her but that failed since I exposed the truth about him and she never spoke to him again anyways here are my evildences why she could have a crush on me
1. She took me to a kitchen alone by pulling there

2. We stare at each other about black Friday

3. Wait nearly a year and half to go on a date with her and she thought it was sweet that i waited for a year and a half

4. She the first girl to be ok with me knowing facts about serial killers/mass murderers

5. Love her birthday/Christmas gifts

6. She thanks me for dancing with her

7. She is 16 and she love that I gave her Ben and Jerry because she never had it at all

8. Got worry that I haven't call her for about 2 weeks

9. She extremely love her Valentine's day gifts

10. She was jealous when I ask a girl out on a date

11. She told a friend that told me that she never met anyone before until she met me and her exact words was "She never met someone who shower her with gift and care about her so much and interesting and devoted to her always"

12. When I told her that I was leaving to Arizona for a long time that she didn't want me to go and would miss me a lot

And lastly She love the two dates we went on and very thankful

So Could this girl like me or little bit... im just wondering and hoping it lead somewhere and someday because I really love her and I did a beautiful poem for her but never told her about so please help me I want all opinions


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  • are you, are you joking?

    • No I'm serious

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    • Well I learned that she love the letter I gave her and love the William Shakespeare stuff I added and looking at her body language that she does and said yes to a third date so thanks for your help

    • heh, good job buddy np.

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