How do I stop feeling sad/depressed all the time about this issue?

The problem is every time I see people who have something that I want but I can't seem to or struggle to get, I always feel bad about my self. Most of the time it leaves me depressed and upset seeing people who have better life or more than me and on occasional days can leave me with suicidal thoughts making me feel worthless, is it normal for people like me to think this way? They are days where I do feel envious but mostly makes me feel sadness and when I even try to work to get the things I need and want I get no results. Thinking this way is effecting my daily tasks and aspirations because its leaving me with no energy/motivation and all I can do is blame the system I live in, what should I do?


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  • Keep trucking along friend. Sometimes it just takes people a little longer to find their niche. It's totally normal to be envious of someone who has something you don't, but don't let it get to you. We all have different opportunities in life and have all been dealt a different set of cards (maybe from not even the same freaking deck lol). You're only 23, there's still so much more to life and you will get so much further, have faith in yourself. Once life stabilizes for you, like a serious job with a constant source of income, your own place, a car, what have you, you'll be able to start saving to afford whatever it is you want. It's just a matter of time.

    • Its not just about materials and money but yes money is also a factor to my problems and i already have my own home and car anyways. Its more about achievements, success and even women that am failing at...

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    • Thanks for MH, I hope you're feeling at least a little better!

    • I only got 2 comments for this question so I just did 'Ip dip doodle' between you both haha

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  • Look into cognitive behavioral therapy. It teaches you to change the automatic thought process you've written into your brain. It's your internal dialogue, not circumstances that really knock you down in life.

    (I've done CBT myself).

    • did it work?

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    • I find it very hard to feel happy on a day to day basis whenever I look at my current situation and even especially when i compare my self to other peoples situations

    • Yes, I definitely think CBT can help.

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