What sort of creature do you think that the Beast of Gevaudan or "La Bete" was?

  • Wolf
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  • Ferral Hyena
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  • Prehistoric creature (Borophagine/Amphicyonid/Mesonychid)
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  • Human serial killer who used a trained wolf-dog as his weapon
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  • Human serial killer who used a trained hyena as his weapon
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  • Werewolf/supernatural
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  • Other/unsure
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What Guys Said 2

  • Maybe some prehistoric relict... like the Mesonychid.

    • Given that it had the same dentition as a dog, if it was a prehistoric animal it would have been a borophagine :)

    • That's possible too :P

  • This is the only time in history I have ever considered Werewolf as the answer to a killings

    • I think it was a wolf dog cross trained to kill.

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    • Well, the handler might have been nearby and there were some inconsistancies in the coloration of the beast and dogs/wolves give birth in litters so there might have been multiple animals.

    • Then the problem with that is we would have had more animal corpses brought to the palace instead of just the one.

What Girls Said 1

  • If the Amphicyonid some how still existed it could have been that.

    • It had the dental formula of a Canid so if it was a prehistoric animal it was probably a borophagine

    • What I read about the amphicyonid, they said it had the genetics of both a bear and a dog.