Why are only Native Americans allowed to own casinos in America?

I been going to casinos since the age of 13, the first one I been to was Foxwood in Connecticut. since the first day I always noticed that place had Native American exhibitions up the ass. it wasn't long enough that I found out that the whole place is obviously owned by Native Americans. I went to Mohegan Sun years later and I noticed this one also had the Native American exhibitions going on. now recently I've visited a new one that opened up in my state not too long ago that also had the Native American exhibition going on along with three others that I been to in New York and New Jersey.

coincidentally one day I heard a rumors that the Native Americans wanted to build one of these two casinos I mentioned earlier in my state but the dumbass governor of my state at that time rejected their offer because of some random ignorant reason.

oh well I've also noticed this a lot in the world of entertainment. all the movies I've seen based on casinos always point out the Native Americans one way or another along with a few commercials and comedy shows. I remember in that movie Walking Tall starring The Rock. the movie in center on a casino own by a delinquent mob who happened to be white folks and in one scene The Rock quoted something that goes "dont you have to have Native American descendant to own a casino?"

but oh well just out curiosity why are only Native Americans allow to own casinos in America?


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  • Not true; it is by state. Nevada, anyone who meets the state requirements (ie, no organized crime ties, etc) can own one. In some states (Iowa, for ex.) they have to be on a riverboat.

    Some states allow them for Native Americans due to tribal sovereignty; tribal lands are not subject to state laws and taxes.


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  • I live in Nevada I beg to differ.

  • That's not true always. Some states like Nevada a casino can be own by someone that is not a Native American.

  • NO TONS of Italians own casinos also


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  • That's only in states where it is otherwise illegal to have casinos. That's because the reservations are not state property. I don't know the details, but I think it's part of the original treaty when the reservations were formed. In states where it's already legal, like Nevada, the casinos can be owned by anyone.

    Also there is no sales or other taxes on reservations. So things that are heavily taxed like cigarettes and gas are much cheaper there.

  • reservations are considered to be a different country.