What's the meaning of the soulmate?

in my opinion, it's someone we can share good and baf times together. there's no secrect between us. but I know it's hard to look for this person, even u can't find at all


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  • Someone that you can grow old with and love unconditionally. Someone that loves you at your worst times and at your best times. Someone that supports your dreams and aspirations and helps you not only achieve them, but stands by you through the hardships. Someone that makes you the best possible version of yourself. Someone that you wouldn't want to spend a day without and someone that you thank God everyday for bringing into your life. ❤️❤️

    • absolutely rite, thanks for your explanation.:) by the way, have u found your soulmate? glad to meet ya.

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    • you can message me here if you'd like :)

    • no problem. don't lose contact;) I am too tired today, good nite

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  • It's gay bullshit made up by romantics who just want to not have to work in a relationship.

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