Does anybody else worry about how they look when they're walking about?

I must admit I struggle with anxiety sometimes, but it's not terrible.

Whenever I'm walking about I get worried I look goofy, so sometimes I'll slow down when I feel like I'm walking too fast and other times I'll check whether my bag is open or not...

Is this something that happens to you too?


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  • You worry that you look goofy which makes your body send negative body language messages to those who may look at you, which makes you unattractive and also turn girls off. And yes that is a problem.
    Get control of your emotions. With positive emotions, your confidence is higher and your body adopts a positive body language and that makes you attractive.


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  • If it helps, you can listen to music while walking and it might distract you from feel self conscious. Or you can put a badass song on and strut down the street feeling like a god.