How do u get things started with a shy guy if you are a shy girl?

Ugh, this is hard. Our mutual friend basically told each of us that we like each other. I gave him my number. We talked in person a tiny bit afterwards. Then nothing, flat lined__________________________

How do I get things going?
How to bring this relationship to life?


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  • Just say him you like him. If he is interested, he say same thing. It is that simple. I pity your case. Even you both two love each other, you can't try to confuse)) and die alone.

  • What would he need to do to start it? That's how you should start. If you are both shy do for him what would make you more comfortable.
    Texting would help. It gives more time to think of reply then phone or in person.
    Don't be to aggressive

    • I tried that when I gave him my number. I don't have his. He seemed excited when we talked. But nothing happened since, n that's over a week ago.

    • Ask mutal friend to ask him if they can give you his number so you can text because you like him
      Don't rush it

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  • Tell him to talk to you in the store

    • What store?

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    • Lol, haven't seen him at any stores in a long time 😂😂😂

    • I don't know