Please tell me, am I being unreasonable?

I bought a new phone so I thought I'd give my niece my old one (she's 11)
But I've noticed because she gets everything from me quite a lot (way more than her siblings) and also she is giving me attitude lately and snubbing me. So I want the phone back.
My mum says its mean to do this, having said that when I was 15 she wouldn't even allow me to have a phone😡
What do you guys think?

  • You are being mean , let her have the phone
  • No you're right, kids are spoilt these days
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  • It's not unusual for the age group to be like this. It's the phase of brain development that they're at that makes them very self-centred. I think you should bring up how you feel with your niece before you take away the gift. Kids that age might be self-centred, but they're also very conscious of how they are perceived. So, if you mention (in a nice way but firmly) that you feel like she has taken advantage of your kindness, she will probably be embarrassed and change her ways.

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