I have a kindle, So im looking for books to read. Im currently reading GIFTED HANDS by Ben Carson. Im about finishing it. Pls, any book suggestions?

Do u any interesting book suggestions.


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  • Well, I study English linguistics and literature, so I could of course recommend you all kinds of classics but I suppose you're not so interested in those ;-).

    One author I absolutely love to read in my leisure time is Ken Follett. He originally started off by writing espionage stories but he eventually became famous with his historical fiction novels (the most famous of which is titled "The Pillars of the Earth"). He's written at least 10 of these novels by now and most of them are really awesome. Not only are they page-turners, they are also very accurate, scientifically speaking. Before I knew Ken Follett, I often got annoyed because authors messed up important stuff. There's nothing more annoying than reading a historical fiction novel where the author has obviously no idea about that time period and hasn't cared to research. Ken Follett on the other hand is super accurate - he even employs a bunch of historians full-time to do all the important research for him and fact-check everything. But perhaps his biggest talent is to write about a number of different characters and have a variety of different stories in his novels that all tie up beautifully in the end.

    Another author that I like a lot is T. C. Boyle. However, I can't say so much about him because I haven't read a lot of his books yet. But he writes well and I've heard many good things about him.

    And finally: this is actually a (modernist) classic but it's one that is so awesome that everyone should have read it at one point: John Steinbeck's "The Grapes of Wrath".


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