Why would a guy get nervous when he was not ready for a relationship?

He kept laughing when we were having a serious conversation. I don't know him well, I doubt most guys would try to further hurt someone.
I asked him what's so funny, he laughed more. Then later I asked why are you laughing, way more laughing. 😨


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  • All I know is this, if he's "not ready" then forget him and move on

    • I know that. But I'm just gonna go with the flow. He did mention we could do something things together so get to know each other better.

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    • Lol, ur a funny guy... No it's not fun waiting, but is what it is.

    • He won't wait

  • Not sure he was nervous, sounds more like he was high on something.

    • Hahaha, I hope not! Doubt it. But do I know for a fact, no...

    • Yeah that's weird to just keep laughing like that, sounds like Alison the girl from McDonalds that I worked with as a teen she ate some cookies then someone said something and she couldn't stop laughing we had to put her in the walk in fridge to not raise any drug suspicion by the customers. She was out of control laughing. Gary the guy that brought in the cookies, got them taken away, for testing as he seemed like he was on drugs anyway. lol

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