Sixth Sense - out of this world - Experience?

Have you ever had something happen made you ask... how was that possible?

Here's my example: I almost ran over my neighbor. I got into my car in my garage, opened the garage door (clicker)... something just didn't "fee" right. I looked back and didn't see anything abnormal. I got out of the car walked in back and there was little Emily, 5yr old neighbor sitting by the bike she laid down right behind my 4runner SUV! It wasn't typical she would do that, but she would come over sometimes as her parents were laxidazical. Had I not gotten out, I would have run over somthing... probably her.

That so helped me realize and accept there are feelings and things beyond what we count as our normal senses. I cannot to this day explain that. I was not a Christian at the time ( I am now) and thus didn't pray about anything... I just got a sense something wasn't right. Listen to that inner voice (if it is a good one)!

How about you?


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  • I nearly got run over by a truck in the highway.
    It was night, I was standing in the middle, over that safe white line. I decided to cross the other lane, seeing there were no incoming vehicles nearby. Then this huge ass truck suddenly popped up out of nowhere, I literally froze in fear as its lights blinded me. Then I felt something pull my shirt back and I was standing once again in the middle, over that white line. I looked around, but there was no one in sight except for a jeepney unloading some passengers. I went home trembling like a leaf that night.


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  • Well, I'm a passionate atheist but I do believe something like that exists. I would perhaps rather call it "intuition" than sixth sense. I also don't think there's a need for a god here... while intuition hasn't really been completely understood by science until now, I think there's at least a good chance that there's a natural explanation for such experiences.

    Anyhow, this was my little experience in this department: Since I've been a child, I've always felt like I've got a really good stomach-feeling as we call it in German, particularly regarding future events. I can't really say where this comes from but I seem to feel (in a very broad sense) if something is going to be positive or negative.
    My family has always been traveling a lot because my parents both really love doing it. Since me and my siblings have grown up and become adults, my parents have also gone traveling together as a couple more often again, and sometimes for several weeks/months and to far-away places. Usually, I always had a good or neutral gut feeling when they went traveling. However, one day my mom announced that she and my dad were going to visit Australia for 6 weeks and only a few days after she told me this, I suddenly got this really, really scary feelings in my stomach. I can't really explain them well but they were very intense and became stronger day by day. I couldn't exactly say what was going to happen but I just felt like something very dangerous and potentially tragic was going to happen on that trip. For a long time, I didn't speak about these feelings to anyone because it seemed just too ridiculous. My parents had visited poorer, more dangerous countries before, so what could possibly happen in Australia? However, my feelings eventually became so strong that I just had to tell this to someone and I opened my heart to my girlfriend. She reacted in a very sweet way but told me that they're surely gonna be fine.
    On the day my parents left for the airport, I wanted to hold them back - especially my dad for some reason - and tell them not to go. I wanted to scream and grab his shirt but it just seemed to silly. About one week into their vacation, my mom called me and I could tell that she was under shock. She told me that they had gone to visit a swamp and my dad had been irresponsible (as he can be) and left the car. There were a lot of alligators and he went up close to them (maybe 15 feet). At once and unexpectedly for him, one of the gators suddenly charged at

    • him and only barely missed him. Luckily, my dad reacted very quickly and jumped backwards. According to my mom, the alligators only missed him by a foot or so. My dad sort of fell but he was able to get up quick and run back to the car before the alligator had launched his second attack (he did come after him though). Had my dad not reacted so quickly, he would probably not be alive anymore. As you probably know, alligators don't let you go anymore once they've got your arm or your leg in their mouth. They don't bite it off like sharks but instead drag you back to the lake/sea and kill you there. I was pissed at my dad for being so stupid (they were alone, there were no other people in the area that could have helped them) but I was also glad nothing had happened. After that phone call, my strange gut feelings suddenly disappeared. I told my girlfriend about it all and she was quite shocked. This was probably the craziest experience I've ever had in terms of intuition...

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    • Well let me put it this way: if I was god - especially if I was the all-powerful, all-knowing god of the bible - I would certainly make sure to send CLEAR signs of my existence to humanity. Especially since I expect them to believe in me (according to most holy books) and since I'm all-powerful. For example I've always wondered why god apparently only speaks to a few, selected people. If it's so important to him that his existence be known to everyone, why doesn't he (or she?) speak to everyone without exception? Not through mysterious events but with very clear language.
      If there truly exists something like a god and he tries to communicate with us through this kind of actions, I'd be very suspicious if he's either not powerful enough (which would endanger his classification as a god) or whether he doesn't actually care so much about being known and believed in or not.
      Personally, if I was god, I probably wouldn't care a lot. I mean... what do I gain from some humans praying to me?

    • Well, the Christian view of that (Bible) is that God wants a relationship with us but we chose to be separated from him. The praying is conversation. I'd be curious if there was a national or global poll of people how many would say they've had something like my question occur. Point being, I suspect God speaks to more people than we suspect.

      Good point of clarity of message. I've had more than one instance in life, but some not as clear and I wondered why it wasn't... but I can as well see maybe I wasn't listening well or my "sin" blocked it. It may be more so that we just don't spend time interacting or listening.

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  • Hmm yeah i have quite a few of those. Usually i get a sort of feeling that something bad is going to happen, not just a normal thought or feeling that pass, but one that sticks around all day. Last time i had it, i found out the next day my grandpa had been brought to the hospital

  • I've been very lucky lately, i was walking to my room from brushing my teeth before i went to sleep and it was pitch black dark. I walked directly into a small table that held the wifi modem and a landline. It nearly collapsed to the floor but i caught it just in time with my superior reflexes lmao jk i was struggling to b quiet cuz i dont wanna wake up anyone.
    Yesterday, i was walking with my friend off the curb and this motorbike drives waay too close for comfort and i pulled my friend out of the way before she got her foot ran over. So thats two in a row, I've got good luck 👌😛

  • "Laxidasical," well I learned a new word today 😄


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  • You probably unconscious saw, or heard something before it somehow got processed by your brain. I have this too sometimes. If i choose to ignore it i always regret it so i force myself to take a pause and act on it. By checking my environment, or checking if i forgot something etc.