Is there wildlife biologist that study raccoon?

This might be a stupid question but I know raccoons are considered pest I personally love all animals raccoons included and was planning on becoming a wildlife biologist anyway was thinking of staying either lions or wolf from what I stand there's no need for a wolf biologists and why and I definitely have to go to Africa find or India is a small population in India think it's constants of 500-1000 don't quote me on it though but anyway I have a couple raccoons living in my back yard and there really interesting creature like anything you gotta respect there space but yea like I was watching on earlier and it was licking the rain water off my mom's plants they see yo like most thing I give to then not surprisingly they don't like ghost pepper and surprisingly we don't like blood orange you think they would but yea Ima stop talking now o one more thing BOObS ARE AwSOME


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  • I can't make out anything you wrote. Try again with proper spelling and punctuation