What do you think of height discrimination (especially against males)?

taller people have been proven to be averagely smarter, so i can't be a policeman in my country because i'm more likely to be stupid because of my height (i still consider the guys who told me that to be much stupider than me though) and i can't do lots of other jobs simply because i'm a midget. i can accept that shorter men earn much less with equal qualification (i myself am paid much less than my taller colleagues), and that women hate them (the latter is one's personal business. i can't force a woman to like me, although this is bound to be influenced by how negatively the media portrays short men), but isn't it unacceptable to be rejected just because i'm short? shouldn't i be given a chance too? i'm just more likely to be stupid. i don't necessarily have to be. people keep fighting discrimination. why is it then so politically correct and socially acceptable to disparage and discriminate against short men? i speak English as well as a native speaker, or almost, quite unlike anyone i know from my country. and i speak other three languages including my native one, yet they'll hardly consider me for a language- related job and they'll always overlook me in favor of girls or taller guys.


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  • Where do you live that height and intelligence are related? As far as female attraction, I can only speak for myself. I don't feel very protected with a short guy, especially since I'm 5'3. But by short, I mean someone shorter than me. I dated someone who was my height before and didn't like it. Besides him, the shortest was 5'7 and the tallest was 6'1.

    • i agree, aren't Asians pretty smart people and they aren't all 6 footers right. I don't get where he gets that.

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  • I've never heard of height discrimination being a legit thing like racism.

    play the cards you were dealt, that's all you can do. that's all anyone can tell you. there will be people on this earth who judge you for your height, and those who don't.

    what often helps is that you should learn to accept what you can't control. get past that barrier and move on to greater things in life instead of making excuses for things you have absolute no control over.

    if you're willing you'll find a way, if you're not you'll find an excuse every time.


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  • Einstein was a shot man but was more intelligent than any tall guy in his time. so thinking like that is just silly. height means nothing

    • you didn't read the whole post, did you?

    • yeah i did and me being a guy of 5'8 i would be short in my family seeing how most of the guys are 6 foot and aboce , i have an uncle who is 6'8 and a lot of guys in my area are taller. and it does seem like your right but i was just stating being short does not make you less intelligent or important. i dont think about the cons of being a short guy.

      if i did i would be depressed but i do good just thinking on things that really matter and not what others see or say.

    • Asians on average are smarter than Europeans and are on average shorter (although they are starting to catch up in some countries like South Korea)

  • I am 6'3 and I don't feel like I've ever been treated with bias because of it. I think you're imagining things.

    • 6'3'' is fucking tall, man

    • It's average where I live, but yes, it's fairly tall. My point is that it does NOT grant me magical benefits.

    • if you were my height you'd face the discrimination and find out