Should I get this car and fix it up?

1997 chevrolet camaro $800 nothing wrong with the outside or inside. Only problem is the car interior&paint

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  • Sure, does the top work and is good condition? V6/auto or manual v8? Chevy's are usually cheap to work on. Just would need to be careful in the snow/rain if your not use to a RWD sports car.

    • Like i said outside. Is good soyes the top works amd is in good condition. Only needs nee windowns runs&drives and i dont like the color. Thus would be my first car... neber had a sports car.

    • Didn't say if it was a 6 or a V8 and which transmission? I know that v8's can be a handful and dangerous in the wet/snow. Chevy transmissions are good, just didn't know if you tried driving a stick before.

      You can find a paint job cheap if the body is ok. Maaco paint jobs start $200<$500.

      What's up with the windows? The motors or the regulators? You can send me a message and I can give you an Idea of what it is and the costs (I'm a retired Ford/BMW tech)

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  • "nothing wrong with the outside or inside. Only problem is the car interior&paint"

    • The paint fine i just dont like the color and bt inside we me the inside inside noob